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10 lessons have been developed for the SCORE! program which highlight and synthesize information from sport psychology and positive youth development.

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Along with funding from SSHRC, the SCORE! is pleased to have support for this project from other community partners.

Fun. Passion. Health.

These are words to describe our feelings about our time in sport. Sport is also a chance to learn about others and ourselves in a meaningful way.

Sport and life unite and teach us lessons about respect and connection.

This is what the SCORE
program is about.

SCORE (Sport COnnect and REspect) is a program of 10 lessons designed to join a deliberate approach to youth development and sport participation. This program aims to develop 4 main areas of sport development: confidence, competence, connection, and character. The program is based on research in sport psychology and youth development. The SCORE program also works to make information accessible to everyone by using technology to deliver the lessons and make it as simple as possible to get the information you need.

The SCORE program will work with coaches and athletes to create a positive, interactive, and constructive sport experience for youth. By uniting life and sport, SCORE gives all participants an opportunity to have a more meaningful experience in sport.

Let’s work to unite life and sport and support coaches and kids so that we ALL can SCORE.





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