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Participation. Performance. Personal Development.

These are the three goals related to sport. Sport is also a chance to learn about others and ourselves in a meaningful way. Through sport, there is chance to learn life lessons about respect and connection. This is what Project SCORE is about.

Project SCORE (Sport COnnect and REspect) is a program designed to deliver a deliberate approach to youth development and sport participation. This program aims to develop 4 main areas of sport development: confidence, competence, connection, and character. The program is based on research in sport psychology and youth development. Project SCORE also works to make information accessible to everyone by using technology to deliver the lessons and make it as simple as possible to get the information you need. Project SCORE will work with coaches, athletes, and parents to create a positive, interactive, and constructive sport experience for youth. By uniting life and sport, Project SCORE gives all participants an opportunity to have a more meaningful experience in sport.

Let's work to unite life and sport and support coaches, parents and youth so that we ALL can SCORE.

The translation of the ProjectSCORE! website to the Portuguese language was conducted through a partnership between Fernando Santos, School of Higher Education and inED Center for Research and Innovation in Education, and Leisha Strachan, University of Manitoba, and derived from the research conducted by these two researchers.



The researchers involved with Project SCORE are grateful for the support of funders and friends. We would like to acknowledge their contributions.